What Comes First at a Birthday Party?

Kids often ask, “What comes first at a birthday party?” and there is no clear answer. Many parents feel the focus should be on the birthday child, so they are choosing to leave the presents to the side. This eliminates any pressure from others and worries about the birthday kid’s reaction. Kids don’t have the best attention span, so opening multiples of the same gift can be awkward.

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Goody bags were always a part of kid’s birthday parties, but today’s parents may be less inclined to include them. In Post’s childhood, goody bags were a traditional part of the party. While they aren’t necessary, they can be an inexpensive way to give meaningful takeaways to friends and family. You can also give your child homemade treats, cupcake liners filled with treats, or balloons. Choosing goody bags is a personal choice, but be sure to consider the age of the child for whom the gifts are intended.

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Guests may want to bring books to the party to give as gifts. But they don’t have to be children’s books; a birthday party can also be an opportunity to give back to the community. One mother, Julia Regalado, arranged an elaborate picnic for her daughter, Lulu. Instead of presents, guests brought hope for Lulu’s future. She says the experience was very fulfilling for her daughter. is an online magazine publishing platform where anyone can create their own magazine website. Get started today! Learn more about here!

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