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Find a Private Early Pregnancy Scanning Near Me

If you have decided to have a private early pregnancy scan before the standard NHS one, you will be glad to know that there are several benefits to these scans. The cost of the private scans can be more affordable, but you should check for accreditation before booking your appointment. Many women feel anxious while waiting for their NHS scan, so it is important to learn about the private scans available near you. You can also learn more about what to expect during your appointment.

Your early pregnancy scan will show the size of the baby. You can see their head, body, and limbs. The results will show you how long the baby is and whether or not you’re at risk for Down syndrome. The scan can also detect some congenital anomalies. While you may be able to see the baby’s head and feet on an early ultrasound, you can’t be sure if you’re carrying a baby with Down syndrome or other birth defects.

Once you have confirmed that you’re pregnant, it’s time to find a private early pregnancy scan near you. You can book an appointment for a private pregnancy scan up to 34 weeks. Typically, this type of scan is used to determine the gender of the baby. It will also check the health of the unborn child and assess general well-being. A private scan will cost PS30, which you’ll need to pay upon booking.

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