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Diversifying the Philippine Inquirer Newsroom

The Inquirer has made strides in diversifying its newsroom. The Inquirer Institute, which supports diversity efforts, has published an audit of news coverage. The Inquirer’s content was analyzed using an online database that consists of more than 14,000 named news sources. The researchers interviewed 50 Inquirer staff members and analyzed the articles. The results of the audit are now being analyzed, and changes are being made to ensure greater diversity.

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The Inquirer’s editorial staff is comprised of former journalists who have devoted their careers to journalism. Inquirer journalists are committed to breaking stories that are otherwise unheard of. They are also unafraid to challenge authorities and the media.

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This unwavering commitment to the truth is why the Inquirer has been deemed the leading newspaper in the Philippines. The Inquirer’s success has been attributed in part to its dedication to providing unbiased reporting on the Philippines.

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As a result, the Philippine Daily Inquirer is the most trusted news source in the Philippines, with over 2.7 million daily readers and over 50% market share. Despite its low circulation, it is the most widely read and respected news outlet in the country.

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The Inquirer is recognized globally by award giving bodies. In the Asia Media Awards, the paper has won more than 400 awards for its journalism. But that’s just the beginning of the Inquirer’s storied history.

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