5 Great Tips on Exercise

First, don’t aim for perfection. If you don’t meet your goal the first time, you’re destined for failure. Rather, set small goals and create good habits each and every day. And forget dieting, which is nothing more than a deprivation plan. Instead, set active recovery days, when you do something simple and low-impact. Don’t try to push yourself to your limits on every day – you’ll soon give up.

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Find a sport you love. If you don’t enjoy exercise, you are unlikely to stick to it. So, try something you’d actually enjoy, such as ballroom dancing or hiking. If you can’t find a class that suits you, try watching a video online. And, finally, make a schedule for yourself. Mark it as an appointment and you’ll be more likely to make it.

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Start by warming up before you exercise. This will reduce the risk of injury and ensure optimal performance. After that, alternate between aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises require oxygen to fuel muscles, and include activities like running, cycling, and dancing. Anaerobic exercises, by contrast, require glucose to fuel the body during a short, intense workload. Strength training and sprinting are two examples of aerobic exercises.

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Set goals and stick to them. Try setting rules to hold yourself accountable. For example, if you have a goal to lose weight, commit to following through with it. Adding a social element, like a friend, can help you stay on track and motivated. A fun exercise program will motivate you to stay with it. You may even enjoy the experience. So, try something new or spend time with your friends.

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